Is Power A Gender Specific Phenomenon?
| 21 Sep 2017
| Onkareshwar Pandey, Editor In Chief, NOP

Is Power A Gender-Specific Phenomenon?

Aarti Verma
Around the world fight for equal status to women in society is going on for ages. Much has been achieved but much more to be needed. Females are mostly confined to their homes and their prime job is to raise kids and do family chores. They are treated as second-rate citizens. All the restrictions and biases are for them.

I always believed in the same way and felt the heat of restrictions. I used to think that it is the natural way that males play dominating role in our society. As they are physically strong, mentally calculative, have all the freedom to make decisions and lead their lives as they want.

But is life so simple and straightforward, maybe or maybe not.

Until I read news buried in various articles that Khasi men are fighting for equality and more freedom. It forced me to think again “Is power gender specific?”. Even if it is a very rare society but it does exist. It is the matriarchal society where all the powers are with females. In such society, males are getting united and raising voice for equality and freedom.

One can gather more evidence in favor of this argument. Don’t want to raise any controversy so not citing examples from real life but Bollywood is very close to our lives. So if we draw some parallel it won’t be very unrealistic. Sumitra Devi of Gulaab Gang was a shrewd politician and did everything that a male politician will do to keep her power. Divya Dutta played a cunning politician in the recent movie named “Iraada”. She portrayed an image of a heartless politician.

It means that it is not gender but “power” which is intoxicating, tries to divide, exploit and being autocratic. Power blow any human beings head and it is nothing to do with gender!

(Writer Aarti Verma is a freelance Business consultant and writer with fourteen years rich experience of corporate, academics and social work. A mature human being with free mind and spirit)

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