Bangladeshi maids ransack Mahagun Moderne after a maid reportedly goes missing for the night.
| 12 Jul 2017
| NOP Bureau

Noida: Mahgun Moderne an upscale society situated at sector 78 Noida was reportedly vandalized by a protesting mob of maids and workers staying in nearby villages.

The story as narrated by Harshu Sethi a resident of Mahagun Moderne in internal whatsapp groups of the society is as follows; Yesterday Mr sethi and his family asked the maid named Zora working at their house about 17000 Rs which was missing from their house. When she was confronted that they had CCTV video showing her stealing the money (which was a bluff) she confessed of stealing 10000 Rs and asked the same to be adjusted to her salary and not to be reported to the Mahagun Facility department as she would be banned from entering the society. The Sethi’s informd the facility and submitted a phone which the maid had left at their house to Mahagun facility office.. This happened around 5.30 yesterday evening as conformed by Mr Sethi.

At around 9 pm 2 ladies from the society came to his house along with the husband of the maid and two security guards. They asked Sethi’s that the maid Zora had not come back home after work. Mr Sethi narrated the whole story to them. The husband of the maid asked Mr Sethi if he has taken the phone of the maid Zora and In reply Mr sethi told them that she had forgotten her phone and the same was submitted to the Facility office. The husband of the maid went back and again came around 10.30 with two cops. The entire episode was again told to the police by Mr Sethi. The police sent the husband of the maid back and asked him to file and complaint for her missing wife and that Sethi’s do not have anything to do with her missing wife after initial investigation.

Much to the surprise of the Sethi’s a group of maids along with some men came to their house and broke the glass door open and were confronting them. The Bangladeshi’s reportedly entered inside the society forcefully in huge numbers by beating up the society guards and damaging property by vandalizing the entire society as they were in huge numbers. The photos indicate that they had come in huge numbers and had created a riot like situation in the society and massive stone pelting was reported. Heavy police deployment had to be called in to control the situation. Many were reportedly injured during the incident.

The maid has filed a false complaint against the owner of one of the resident in the society that she was beaten by them and retained overnight; told the police. The Sethi’s however deny the charges and have asked for through investigation from the police and claim that they have CCTV footage to prove that the maid has stolen money.

The residents were complaining that the situation was not handled properly by the police and the society administration and it worsened creating lot of unrest. The society residents faced a lot of problems on a working day and lots of property and vehicles were damaged in the incident.

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