Real Service to humanity
| 09 Jul 2017
| Onkareshwar Pandey, Editor In Chief, NOP

Real Service to humanity

By Yajin Bhatt

Being a health conscious citizen, I do take hour long brisk walk, in one of the nearby parks in my locality. Adjoining the general park there is a big playground belonging to one of the reputed schools of the area. While the park is alive with the morning walkers & “stay-fit” people doing exercise, yoga etc., the school ground is rumbling and bumbling with the ever charged school children, with the exception of summer vocations when the playground wears the deserted look. These summers when my family was also out to their maternal home, there was enough time to be spent in the park. One fine morning when I happened to visit my fitness point (Park), I noticed a hoarding with “Karyakarta Prashikshan Shivir” (KPS) written on it.

Within few minutes one huge cluster of young boys, girls and a few elderly people appeared on the ground like an army of ants, in proper queues following the orders of their leader. This cluster of sweaty people doing all possible Yoga Asans, Surya Namaskar etc really made me to lose the track of my daily regime. Contrastingly at the other end of same ground there were similar age group boys playing cricket and some doing net practice Every one of them would come by luxury cars accompanied by their attendants’ to be at their beck-and-call; Analysing both the groups made me curious to learn more about the two sects and I kept visiting the place for the next few days regularly.

My morning walks were now focused on the activities of these two brigades than my own regular exercise, as if I was to submit research papers on the human behaviour. Just next day these white clad cricketers were served with some McDonald’s burgers. Some dropped the wrappers and paper boxes on the ground few just had a bite and threw the remaining portion on the ground and went to play. None of these high society people or their attendants’ took the pain of collecting the clutter and throwing in the dustbin placed at little distance. But these shivir people, as part of their daily routine would clean the whole ground. This act was really touching as well as inspiring for me. Without any hesitation & out of the respect for this gesture I straightway asked one such Karykarta “despite knowing that none of the karyakartas have thrown this garbage then what made the entire brigade to clean the area”? The response was simple but touching. He said “I am always taught to keep mother India clean, for them it may be simply India but for we all it is no less than our own mother” This thinking stroke the chords of my inner self and I requested their team head to allow me to attend this Shivir for a day or two, which fortunately I was granted.

At the Shivir the kind of discipline, order and oneness these Kayakartas exhibited was really amazing. One important thing to realise was that no school big or small, rural or urban, Private or Public would provide such a nicely designed curriculum to its students, because all schools or institutes for that matter are run professionally but here everything is done voluntarily.

The rigorous daily routine of Vivekananda Kendra Karyakartas (VKK) begins at 5 Am with prarthana and other mantras and end up with Om chanting at 11pm in the night, having subtle effect on the mind body and soul. In the morning soon after prayers they go for some innovative games to imbibe and inculcate the value of team sprit among its members. All this goes uninterrupted for two and half hours at 7:30 am it is the time for light breakfast called “ALPAHAAR” and the one hour break for bathing, cleaning, washing their clothes etc. The whistle blows again at 8:30 am sharp and the Karyakartas assemble in the seminar hall, along with notebook pen and some study material. They will begin with a patriotic song in lead and follow manner. Then the first formal session begins at 9 am; some learnt figures will speak on various issues and topics and will go on for four hours. After the lunch break of two hours the next sessions begins at 3 Pm and lasts up to 11 Pm, which includes Chanting of Mantras, Yoga, question-answer session and rational games.

From my in-depth study it became evident that these camps or KPS are actually designed for the college students, who are just through with their exams. Normally during holidays a hostlite would prefer to visit their home town and locals to some hill station with their parents. But this brigade of Karyakartas was all different. Every one too excited to be the part of this camp. From early morning till late evening they were kept engaged in one activity or the other just to enhance the physical, mental, moral and spiritual aspect of their lives. Team work is the core of every task and each team member is supposed to do every activity right from cooking food, cleaning utensils, clothes, rooms and washrooms.

Everyone from head of the Shivir to newly introduced Kayakarta is fed with the same simple food. There is compromise all through the day right from morning breakfast to dinner and every one will get limited food to eat and each participant has to bear its own cost to attend this Shivir. Due to this rigorous training camp, all the participants acquire multi talented characteristics of a good orator, singer, player and a leader. They are taught how to serve humanity by giving good examples of the legends like Swami Vivekananda, S. C. Bose, Rishi Aurobindo, Guru Gobind, Kabirdas etc. Instead of enjoying the cool climate on hill stations or the comfort of their homes, they brave the hot weather and sunburns of June to acquaint themselves with different aspects of human needs and ways and means of enlightening the society with their selfless service.

It is worth analysing that at one end, every next day there is news of Loot, Rape, Murder and all such criminal activities degrading every strata society. Those grown with the criminal mentality will continue doing evil deeds, no matter how much moral policing they will be subjected to. The concepts of dignity, shame, honour are just alien things for them. Such people get instigated & provoked on the slightest of the things. On the other hand we have this team of young people following all the norms of traditional living but never on the news. They would chant mantras before the initiation of any task be that yoga Asanas or eating their meals. They would not only respect their fellow brethren but would also ensure safe distance from the female Karyakartas which are addressed as Didi. None of their acts could make the female karyakartas feel less and insecure in any respect.

These two days of attending this shivir was really a lifetime experience. This is the essence of real Bharat where people respect and care for each other with all the Sanskars and values for the traditional living. One thing is but for sure, that for the society to get rid of its evils we need to train the young minds in the Shivirs of this type because society is a type of mould in which the young minds “Fit in” themselves. If provided with healthy environment & encouraging surroundings, our youngsters will also grow as responsible and patriotic citizens of tomorrow. The criminalization of society will automatically come down. I am sure such kind of KPS would not only enlighten but also shape well the future of youngsters in each & every respect.

As already mentioned whatever is done here in the shivir enhances the physical, mental, moral and logical aspects of those who participate in such camps. At the end of the day the kind of devotional and patriotic songs they learn & sing not only charges them for the next day but takes them to the blissful world of spiritualism and sanity. All this is given is given a very peculiar name ‘Sanskar Varg’.

This will definitely have a positive impact on every human to think rationally, if subjected to such an environment & way of living. Getting exposed to the real self, feeling of oneness, imbibing the moral values, sense of caring and sharing and above all the vision of one- united great India, automatically takes one away from immorality and on to the path of opulence. Here I recall, M K Gandhi “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty”.

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