Deep Rooted Jihad
| 27 May 2017
| Onkareshwar Pandey, Editor In Chief, NOP

Deep Rooted Jihad

By Yajin Bhatt

Delhi, May 27, 2017
Fortunately, after Five decades the true face of Kashmir issue which kept on simmering like a boiling pot, got exposed through its Jihad connection. Although, some political experts were having full knowledge of this much talked issue, which always kept the govt. of this nation on the tenterhooks. For a long time now, majority of political analysts, media experts, administration or even security agencies ignorantly or deliberately dealt with it as a political issue. This flip-flop over Kashmir issue continued for seventy years, in the garb of lack of employment, lack of opportunities, political discourses, under privilege etc. Now the truth has gradually started coming to the forefront. It is public that the insurgency in Kashmir is no longer any political issue but merely a Jihad.
From the times of Ottoman-Turks & Mohmad Ibin Abdullha, the jihad weapon of spreading Islam has proved to be the most invincible for them. In fact right from its inception, Islam & Isalmisation has never stopped. Nevertheless it’s pace being sometimes slow & at times alarming, with different manifestations like earlier invasions, mass conversions and now the terrorism. The so called Jihad, in one or the other form has kept on spreading its wings all across, accompanied by massive destruction, cruelty & antagonism. In the recent past, disintegration of USSR being the stark example of the fatal effects of islamisation.

Although, the entire world witness Jihad in one or the other form but before Russia Islamic forces eyed on the Indian subcontinent, as a result Sind, Punjab, Gandhar, Poshto,Baluch, Sharda peth and almost entire North west of India which is now present days Iran, Iraq, Pak & Afghanistan got disintegrated. The tactics of terrorising the inhabitants, compelling them to embrace Islam & threatening the non Muslims to leave the place or face the death worked well in this entire region for them. The same strategy has been applied in Kashmir also. Way back in 1339, first ever Muslim ruler from Shah Mir dynasty did lots of conversions and ruled Kashmir for more than 5 decades till 1819. In 14th century Islam gradually became the dominant religion in the entire Kashmir. The cruelest Sultan during this period was Skinder, who not only looted, Killed and converted but also imposed huge taxes on non Muslims and destroyed the idols all across. Even today so called Kashmiri Muslims with their surnames as Koul, Bhat, Pandit, Raina, Dar, Kikloo, Mattoo,Raio etc. Owe their surnames to their real ancestral religious back ground, which undoubtedly was Hinduism. They are of course the by-products of 15-16 century Jihad. In the present scenario the kind of atrocities yazdis, Shias & other non wahabis in seria are going through, similar would have been the condition of their ancestors, for which their present generation must take revenge from these Wahabi’s rather than throwing stones on Indian security forces.

Referring back to the jihadi connection vis-a-vis Indian subcontinent the present day India has become a great challenge to their malicious intentions, with north eastern countries like Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia and china etc already on their cards. Present day India is acting like a speed breaker to the demon desire of Islamisation, which started with its epicentre in and around Arab as early as 7th century. Around 11th century Islamic radicals turn towards central Asia and were able to initiate mass conversion in this region. However, Mongol invasion halted the process for more than a half century. In 12th century Ghori & Ghazni looted and plundered the Indian terrain but faced strong resistance from Rajput king, Prathvi Raj Chauhan (1178-1192). There after the Mughals came to India, conquered major portion of north western India, owing to the tough fight from another brave Rajput King Maharana Pratap (1540 to 1597) and later Great Maratha warrior Shivaji (1627-1680). Because of these two prominent resistances the ever expanding Mughal Empire could not go deep into the central & Southern part of India. The challenges put forth by the native rulers of this region might have suppressed the Isalmic radicalisation a little but that never deterred their moment & wicked intensions.

During 15th century they focused on Eastern part of this nation & were able to leave their footprints in this region as well. Today Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Burma etc are pure Muslim states. Due to the mass conversion, the then ruler of Malaysia changed his name from Parmeshwara to sultan Megat Iskander Shah after marrying a princess from Pasai presently Indonesia. Owing to the stringent religious practices, Discipline and rituals of Hinduism any soulless person with lewd character would be victimised. Today Malaysia has 70% Muslim population, contrary to 100% Hindu population prior 15th century. The epic Ramayana has its proofs still alive all across Malaysia and Indonesia more than any other place. Because of the massive conversion these this entire region have remained mere the archaeological sites as very minor population of Hindus is left in these countries to follow and preserve them. Like any other Islamic nation, in these countries also Mosques outnumber the number of temples or any other places of worship along with Islamic schools(Madrassa and dharsgha), as a tactics of registering the presence of Islamic radicalisation. From here the Islamic forces focused on Russia and fought almost 12 wars right from 1676 to 1918 (Russian Turkish Wars). The Soviet Union was a state comprising 15 communist republics, which existed from 1922 until its dissolution into a series of separate Islamic states in 1991. Of the 15 republics the Islamic forces took away its 6 republics namely- Azarbaijan, Kazakistan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Turkmanistan & Uzbekistan.

After the disintegration of USSR Jihadi forces are working tirelessly to disintegrate the Indian union by pushing entire force through J&K state. The insurgency in j&k as clearly evident now is a pure Jihad to transform the region into the Islamic state, with Pakistan having a special role to play. It fought almost 3 wars with India to get control over entire J&K but every time had to lick the dust. ISI, overtly and covertly runs several missions to support the insurgency in J&K. First of all it started operation JIBRALTAR which was the code name given to the strategy of Pak to infiltrate militants to J&K and start a rebellion against Indian rule. If successful, Pakistan hoped to gain control over Kashmir but the operation resulted in major failure. There after operation TUPAC was started, it is the existing code name of an ongoing military intelligence contingency program again run by ISI. This was initiated by then president of Pakistan Mohd Zial-ul-haq in 1988 after the failure of operation JIBRALTAR. Its objective is to disintegrate India to utilise spy network to act as an instrument of sabotage and to exploit porous borders with Nepal and Bangladesh to setup basis and conduct operations.

Today the Islamic forces have became successful to such an extent that the youth of Kashmir feels proud to die as a Jihadi. The youth of Kashmir has been taught and preached that the real service to Allah is to make this nation free of Non Muslims, precisely, to eliminate people who do not follow Allah and Islam. Same was the preaching by Mullahs in 1829, when they began proselytising and claiming that obeying Sheria, giving Zakat, Prayers and Huj would not be accepted by Allah, if the non Muslim Russians were still present in their areas. Today, Jihad in Kashmir is in full bloom, three decades have passed when this civil war started in the valley. The youth of this valley know only Jihadi language as they were born and brought up in this gun trotting & uncertain atmosphere. Till now and further also, no dialogue no thought process no appeasement is going to bring them to the main stream because the Jihadi mindset has got deep ingrained in their existence. This mentality compels them to provide shield to the terrorist from security forces whenever any encounter or search is going on.

In wake of this upheaval in the valley, the culture & tradition of this place has suffered a big blow. The atmosphere which used to be vibrant with Shiva sutras, sufi songs is now resonating with anti India & pro Azadi slogans. Today wahabi culture has got deeply imbibed within the traditional setup of Kashmir and has intensely influenced the thoughts & the life style of present days generation. The ages old rich culture, tradition and reverential Sanskrit based Kashmiri language has undergone a drastic transformation. Even the food, the dress etc have acquired the Wahabi influence. Although, the long beard gives discomfort to the elder generation as they were never used to that. the pyramid caps replaced by the skull caps, younger generation with ankle-length trousers, Women both young and old donning full body Hijaab. All such changes around is not only against the climatic conditions but also posed a greater threat to the original Kashmiri culture & traditions, which is now at the verge of disappearance.

Present situation in Kashmir can be termed as the darkest period in its history, unlike 90’s, the unrest in Kashmir today is being led exclusively by the youth. Neither mainstream parties nor Hurriyat, not even the terror outfits, seem to know which way these youth led protests are heading towards? Today, every Kashmiri influenced by Wahabism be that boy, girl, farm labourer, land owner, sports person, daily wager or even govt. Employees etc almost every one of them is braving bullets, pallets, teargas shells, PAVA shells, arrests and more just to through stones on Indian security forces. One serious development observed in recent days is the division within separatist camp. Zakir Mussa’s remark, the Hizbul commander has been endorsed even by the Aisa indrabi’s son Bin Quasim. He actually warned the Huriyat leaders to address Kashmir issue as a political one; otherwise their heads will be chopped off. Although, a terrorist but Mussa’s disclosure is worth appreciable, for being honest in reminding United Jihad Council that “we don’t accept your Munafiq policy, be clear on sheria; Haq and Batil can’t go hand in hand”. The Hizbul commander, Zakir Mussa for the first time in past 30 years disclosed via social media that this is a JIHAD to establish Sheria in India. Not only Kashmir but UP, Kerela, Hydrabad, Wb and Assam is facing Islamic radicalism. So it is important to eliminate the sleeping cells they have created across the country, be that institutions like JNU or Fatwa molvi’s, those who do not even spare the Prime minister of this country.

After discussions and past leanings from our own Indian warriors, who somehow preserved this piece of land from Jihadis. Today we must learn from the acts & deeds of great Maratha Shivaji Maharaj, who gave a tough fight to Mughal rulers because of his valour and wittiness. It is high time to take offensive approach rather than being defensive. The jihadist forces are absolutely mistaken about the strength of present day India. Gone are the days, when Akbar fought the famous battle of Haldighati (21june 1576) against Maharana Pratap Singh with the help of 80,000 soldiers headed by Rajput, Raja Mansingh. Aurangzeb had his counsel and loyal Hindu like Bhimsen, to lead his Deccan plan against great Maratha. The quota of troops was to be provided to the Mughal emperor by every Raja or Zamindar. It was fixed on the same basis as the revenue amount. The Rajput forces were thus completely merged with mughal army and Muslim rulers used to wage huge wars against other kingdoms, only with the help of massive army comprising mainly of Hindu soldiers. The Indian army during this period actually reflected the crucial division of Indian society which is the sole reason they fail to prevent the disintegration of Indian subcontinent. But today the situation is different, India today stands as one republic with its borders protected firmly by the Indian Army. Undoubtedly, given a free hand, even a single battalion of Indian army will teach these Jihadis a lifetime lesson. This time the nation is one & they must bear in mind “unan misr va roma sab mitgaye jahan say... ab tak magar hai baki Nam-o-nishan hamara”.

(Writer is Advocate & Social worker)

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