Why Lalu Is Silent on Bihar’s Wretched Condition
| 23 May 2017
| Onkareshwar Pandey, Editor In Chief, NOP

Why Lalu Is Silent on Bihar’s Wretched Condition


There is no match to Lalu Yadav in doing caricature. He seldom speak on basics that affect people and that pulls the state of Bihar down and down. His latest stunt was seen at the recently concluded convention of Rashtriya Janata Dal in Rajgir. He made highly irresponsible and ridiculous statement there demanding that there should be reservation in appointment of the Shankaracharyas of the four Peeth.
Lalu is known for performing such dramatics in politics. He never cared or bothered to give thought to issues like improving infrastructure, brining investment, generating employment, improving education and health care in Bihar. He should be asked, how reservation in appointment of Shankaracharyas will reduce or ameliorate the suffering and poverty of Bihar. During the campaign in assembly election in Bihar in 2015, Lalu never spoke of development of Bihar. On the other hand Prime Minister Narendra Modi put development of Bihar at the core of his campaign. Lalu was seeking votes in the name of caste, something that he has been doing for several years.
Lalu as Joker
Known for his mimicry and crude jokes, Lalu has never taken things seriously that affects the masses. His two sons are Deputy Chief Minister and Cabinet Minister in Nitish Government. For the past several years since he became chief minister of the state for the first time in 1990 his contribution to progess and development of Bihar is nil. Lalu, of course, will cite example of a beer factory run by his son in law.

Some key factors that badly affected industrialisation of the state are:
For new industry and for industries already in the state there has been no ‘single window’ policy in the state.
There is no sound policy to acquire land for new industries.
There has been no improvement in the facilities and infrastructure for encouraging industrial growth during Lalu-Rabri and then during Nitish Government.
Power availability, communication and water essential for running industry are in poor shape, and so is transport. Yet, Lalu demands for reservation for Shankarcharyas. One wonders which world Laly lives in. Has he ever tried to know why children are being made to work in road side dhabas and factories. Why children are being sent to work in other states in the country.
In Sports

It is a shame that a state of 12 crore population had no representation in the Rio Olympic Team from India. There is no world standard stadium in the state. No first class cricket tournament can be organized in Bihar for there is no cricket stadium of international standard. There is no field for hockey with Astro Turf in the state. One hardly hears Bihar boys and girls winning medals in inter-state or National Athletics Meet. On the contrary, Jharkhand which was part of erstwhile Bihar despite having handicaps has sent players and athletes who have won medals in national and international events. The state has given one of the biggest cricket star Mahendra Singh Dhoni. And it is in Ranchi that that international cricket tournaments are held because there is world class cricket stadium there. Who can forget Dhyanchand, the wizard of hockey with world records of winning Gold for India in Olympics.

National Crime Record Bureau has made a shocking report in 2016 according to which some 3037 minor girls were smuggled out of Bihar by the syndicate of human trafficking. Neithr Lalu nor Nitish has ever tried to find out where the Bihar girls are. Why the government has not taken any action against the human trafficking.
The other day, Md Shabudding who is serving jail term was found talking to Lalu on cell phone in which he reportedly complained about the Police. The audio tape of the conversation was revealed by Republic News Channel. It proves that there is nexus of criminals and Lalu and the Bihar Government.
Coming back to caste reservation for Shankaracharya, may I remind Laluji that there is no caste of Sadhu and Sant. There is saying,
“Jati na puchho Sadhu ki
Uski Puchho Gyan”
(Never ask caste of a Sadhu, ask about his wisdom)
If you don’t believe me, ask Baba Ramdev (Yadav) about his caste. He will tell you that Sadhus have no caste. Go to any Kumbha Mela, you will find sAdhus and Sants of coming from different castes. But caste is never their identity.
Has anyone ever asked the caste of Tulsidas. Rahim, Kabir or Rabidas. Is is not that all sants revere them and world worship them.

(The writer is Member of Rajya Sabha)

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