| 05 May 2017
| NOP Bureau, New delhi


• Jo S Birring
As the threats to innocent people increase across the World, timely pure intelligence and precise solutions are paramount in decreasing the risks to life, environment as well as protecting a country’s education/legal/immigration controls systems.
The World Homeland Security/Smartechno (WHS) Group of Companies has now developed and designed a new critical factors C8 IND Modules package specifically for India/Indian businesses as CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) will certainly stunt the growth of India internally as well as on a Global level on many fronts. India’s political and increasing trade support for the UK (Especially Britain) now after the Brexit will further isolate India from good strong European Countries who have a strong ethics culture and products portfolio that can make India more successful/peaceful without breaking any international laws unlike the British politicians who continue supporting/funding illegal wars in the middle East and now siding with the New USA Government’s policy in encouraging further bombings of innocent people in Syria. The Middle East terrorist problems (PLUS India and Pakistan clashes) have been created by the British politicians and the many dumb people who voted for their British political parties. The plain facts of the upheaval in the Middle East are as follows: THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE – the Ottoman Empire was on the losing side of WW1, Britain and France divided up the land. Both Countries than decided without any vote by the general public living in those countries the following: France took control of Lebanon and Syria; the British took control of Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Jordan. The Problems created by this land division are still present in the Middle East today. India and Pakistan continue clashing due to the western/British political games of “Divide and Rule” and support/supply of weapons to both Countries. CPEC is a major game changer as now China stands with Pakistan as does Russia. India must side or remain neutral with the peaceful law abiding Countries or it faces more internal terrorism turmoil because of the Indian Muslims who will be further disillusioned that India is siding with Britain a country that is killing innocent Muslim men, women and children in the Middle East. The UK is finished in many ways now after Brexit. There is nothing United about United Kingdom and Scotland is going to cut its ties with Britain as have many in Ireland. This leaves Britain and Wales who have absolutely nothing that is manufactured and of value to export to the rest of the World. These are more facts that cannot be denied: English tea?? England does not grow tea. Sugar, not made in the UK, Coffee, not made in the UK. English education, utterly irrelevant as it has created more mass murderers, lying war mongering politicians, corrupt bankers and shyster lawyers who twist the truths towards lies that free the guilty criminals/terrorists.
What China gets from the Project?

On the economic front, China is the biggest beneficiary as the project gives it a shortcut to Indian Ocean, bypassing the Strait of Malacca. It can access the Western part of the Indian Ocean in the most politically easiest way because of its friendly and strategic relationship with Pakistan.
At present, China transports 80% of its oil through the Strait of Malacca. This can be deviated through the Pak route.
On the political front, a decisive advantage for China is that Pakistan historically shows willingness to play the role of satellite state to major powers including the US.
Because of the India factor, Pakistan will remain an ally of China even by surrendering several rights to Chinese economic and strategic interests. This means that among all the OROB associate country, Pakistan offers more strategic value to China.
There is a future option for Beijing to retain a significant army in Pakistan in the pretext of providing security to the CPEC.

What the project means for Pakistan?

The project is described as a ‘game changer’ for Pakistan’s economic future, which otherwise has only meagre prospects to develop its economy. Pakistan’s economy can get rejuvenation due to Chinese investment. If Pakistan is able to overcome its security problems, the CPEC can be a game changer. At the same time, the benefit it can get from being a transit country for Chinese goods depends upon its ability to change itself by achieve industrial progress.
The word game changer is to be carefully read along with the past great game played between US, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia on the one side and Russia, Iran and India on the other side to establish a land route to Central Asia. Pakistan’s effort to be the entry point into Central Asia foiled because the opposite side tried hard to retain their control over Afghanistan. Now, with Chinese help, Pakistan can get a chance to become at least one of the transit points.
Pakistan can get an opportunity to develop its infrastructure – especially energy. Bulk of the CPEC is aimed to develop Pakistan’s energy sector including the construction of the largest solar energy plant in the world. China will help Pakistan to develop its resource based industries so that they can be exported to China.
Another advantage of the project is that with the potential economic decline of the Gulf States, Pakistan as a natural resource exporter can sell its commodities to the lucrative Chinese markets through the CPEC transit route.

What the project means for India?

India is the third party on which the CPEC impacts a lot of intangible and indirect effects. Given the political synergy between China and Pakistan, the CPEC will be a disguised political disturbance for India. Its strategic content is high and capable of restricting New Delhi’s manoeuvrability in the region. In an extreme scenario, Pakistan may act as a ‘rented house’ for Chinese Military.
The project goes through the disputed Pak occupied Kashmir (Gilgit- Baltistan) is a nuisance for India.
Already, CPEC is getting lot of attention because of the direct involvement of the Pakistani military at the insistence of the Chinese leadership.
So far, the quick progress in Gwadar Kazhgar project has compelled an otherwise slow New Delhi to get an agreement with Iran to construct a port at Chabahar. In future also, the India-Iran alliance for a geographic connectivity with Central Asia partnering Afghanistan will continue; but without hurting both Beijing and Islamabad.

Our C8 IND Modules Software computerized formulas have precisely calculated that UK (Especially Britain) now after Brexit is a high risks investment Country and debt ridden for another 15 years. “Stopping all further investments into Britain/British companies and selling your existing investments in the UK will save you from further losses. India/Indian Companies should strengthen trade/investment ties with Good European Countries who are not involved in illegal wars and India should maintain good relations with China, Russia, Canada and selected South American Countries/USA Companies. We at the World Homeland Security/Smartechno Group of Companies support only those who abide the International laws, the innocent people irrespective of their Culture, Country or Religious Beliefs and those who wish to increase peaceful profits. Many NRIs (Non resident Indians) living in the UK Continue singing the high praises of the UK /Britain as they (The NRIs) continue taking the British pound and selling their souls/selling out India to the British as well as eroding their ethics disrespecting their forefathers, disrespecting the memories of the Great Brave Freedom Fighters of India who sacrificed their lives and disrespecting their Motherland..India! We will continue to catch these types of NRI/Indian traitors and administer our own brands of justice which is in the confines of International laws but more precisely harsher.
We carefully select/work with our European/USA clients/government trade officials and after we have conducted full due diligence so that India/Indian companies are protected while also the best of European and USA Products/trade sales increase from imports and the “Make in India” exports out to them. We will continue making India Invincible with our C8 IND Modules and the Best of our new hi-tech equipment/specialized software/Globally trained Peaceful Protection Patrols as It is not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are” – Joginder (Jo) Singh Birring. The Global Chairman/Group President of the World Homeland Security/Smartechno Group Of Companies.

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