Careless Media Causing Me Pain: Yashpal Singh Tyagi
| 24 Apr 2017
| Onkareshwar Pandey, Editor In Chief, NOP

Careless Media Causing Me Pain: Yashpal Singh Tyagi

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NEW DELHI, April 24, 2017: Amid the countrywide crackdown on corrupt bureaucrats resulting recovery of cash and jewelleries, there are allegations of spreading false and baseless news by a section of media also. Alleging victimisation by a section of media, Yash Pal Singh Tyagi, former OSD of Noida Authority and Retired General Manager of UPSIDC today said that, “I and my family are not at all connected with any alleged corrupt leader or any alleged corrupt officer in any manner whatsoever and media is running absolutely false, fabricated and baseless story about income tax raid at my home in Noida, Uttar Pradesh”.

Speaking to New Observer Post, Mr. Tyagi, who was first non IAS officer promoted to the highest General Manager, UPSIDC, said that news story saying “Income Tax officials have recovered more than Rs 10 crore in cash and 10 kg gold” is absolutely incorrect.

Terming a section of media persons as “careless” on the facts, Mr. Tyagi said – “I am not only utterly shocked but also disappointed on the reporting by Media on the facts surrounding the issue of Income Tax Search at my residence on 20.04.2017.

He further said – “Dismally, not only have I been kept in the news since then, but the facts have been distorted to damage my respect and reputation in the society”.

Giving point by point clarification of the Media reporting, Mr. Tyagi has asked the media to publish a corrigendum with a warning - “Else, I will have no option but to take legal recourse to seek redressal of my legitimate grievances”

Here are point wise allegations leveled against Mr. Yashpal Tyagi and his clarifications:

1. There are scores of new reports with false allegations of recovery of cash to the tune of INR 10 Crores and 10 kg of Gold jewellery having been seized from your house:-

- This allegation is not only baseless, but is totally opposite to the true and correct factual position. No cash or Jewellery was seized during the Income Tax Search at my place on 20.04.2017. As a matter of fact, the IT Department found a total amount of INR 3,53,900/- only from the entire family, which was certified by the IT Department's search team and returned to us. A true copy of Income Tax Department Certification clarifying the same is enclosed / attached with this release. It is pertinent to mention here that no money was seized at all contrary to the allegation of seizure of crores of rupees and kgs of gold irresponsibly made by the media.

- Similarly, the total value of the jewellery found from the whole family at home was valued at INR 26 lakh 50 thousand 570 rupees only. This is clear from the copy given by the Income Tax Department during the search, attached/enclosed with this release. Like cash, no jewellery item was seized during the search and all the jewellery was returned to us by the Income Tax Department during the search itself.

2. Various media houses have reported about recovery of huge undeclared assets also from your house?

- There are incorrect and irresponsible news being published alleging some Kothi at 15A Noida being owned by me. I clarify that I do not own any Kothi at Sector 15A Noida. Sadly, despite my press release dated 22.04.2017, a prominent Hindi daily newspaper has again published a photograph of some ‘Kothi’ at sector 15A in Noida owned by one Shri Negi, retired Director General of Police, Himachal Pradesh misrepresenting it to be my property. What can be more irresponsible act than this? It is the duty of Media to inquire and verify facts, exercise due diligence before publishing articles and adhere to Press Council of India Guidelines and I would request respected Media Members to adhere to the same.

- I state with full responsibility that I have no undeclared assets/properties at all, much less, what is being incorrectly alleged. The baseless and malicious news in this context also require immediate correction and future restraint by respected media persons.

3. Media has published that INR 50 Crores have been found in some of your alleged accounts?

- The said allegation is completely baseless and fabricated. No such amount has been found in any of my accounts and no such question has been asked by the Income Tax Department during the said Search.

4. It has been widely reported that a hidden chest/locker was found in your car which shocked the IT Officials?

- This allegation is not only comical, mischievous, fabricated and horrified, but is also levelled by the media to sensationalise and dramatise the whole issue. In reality, no such chest, locker or safe has been found in any the cars owned by the whole family and nothing of this sort was discussed during the Search, as falsely alleged. In addition to the above, I am also pained to hear many other misleading things being said/written about me and my lifestyle. In reality, my eating habits and lifestyle have always been quite simple. There is no attraction for luxury in my life and this is known to all the people who know me. I am a pure vegetarian and have never consumed alcohol in my entire life. Luxury has no place in my life.

- Having said that, I do agree that safety of me and my family is important and prime to me and yes, it is definitely important for me to take precautions for my and family’s safety for personal reasons. I have to keep myself cautious and alert for safety issues in light of the tragedies that have happened in my family in the past and it is a basic necessity to protect myself and my family in view of that. Ensuring safety of self and family in light of the tragedies is definitely not a luxury, in fact is a need, compulsion at the cost of my privacy.

- It is trite to note that there is/was/has been no formal inquiry against me in any regard whatsoever regarding any issue during my service with the government of Uttar Pradesh/UPSIDC/Noida, Greater Noida Authority. I have had an unblemished outstanding service record right up till my retirement in the year 2012. With full sense of responsibility and authority, I state that no case/inquiry is pending against me as on date about any of my service matters. I have completed my full service with integrity, honesty and hard work. I and my family are not at all connected with any alleged corrupt leader or any alleged corrupt officer in any manner whatsoever.

- It is also trite to state here that I have never been involved in the business of my family members or any other person. Pertinently, my son has been carrying on his business independently since a long time and many years prior to my posting in Noida Authority. His business has no connection with the duties I had discharged during my government / departmental work. Even after retirement, till date I am not a partner / stockholder in any firm or company much less any firm/company owned by my family.

- During the Search by the Income Tax Department, our entire family has completed the investigation process with full cooperation and it is assured that full cooperation will be continued in the investigation also. Me and my family are law abiding citizens of India and have full faith in the Indian Judicial System.

Alleging that the false news has been published to sensationalize the issue without any effort having been made to take my point of view, Yash Pal Singh Tyagi has requested media not to irresponsibly publish / broadcast this kind of unfounded, misleading, and fabricated news without any basis.

Reminding media about its role and responsibilities, Mr. Tyagi said – “It’s a very important and powerful tool of Democracy in view of which, it becomes very important for the media to publish correct news, after verifying the true and correct nature of facts”.

“Despite the fact that there is no iota of truth in whatever has been published, I am suffering due to no fault of mine and me and my family’s reputation has been tarnished in the eyes of third persons and I have been defamed due to such wrong, irresponsible and incorrect reporting”, Yashpal Tyagi said.

He also warned media saying that – “the concerned media houses are requested to kindly pull down all the incorrect and defamatory articles and carry out a corrigendum rectifying such news published so far failing that I will have no option but to take legal recourse to seek redressal of my legitimate grievances”.

He also asked media to exercise restraint in publishing such incorrect news in future without verification from me and my family, saying-"the above is without prejudice to my rights and contentions as available under law”.

“This is not only causing me pain during testing times, but is also resulting in trial by media without any evidence where the media has already condemned me unheard”, – He said.

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