The Kung-fu Mystic
| 14 Apr 2017
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India has long been a home for many great spiritual seekers and seers. One thing which seems common to each one of them is their innate nature of searching truth and ridiculing the mediocre beliefs and mental establishments.

Here we have a Guru who sought truth through Martial-Art, Sadguru Bodhipaada Hemantha Shankara (Guruji), the holy soul who attained the bliss of the great Shivshakthi and divine enlightenment through long 32 years of uninterrupted Japa and Meditation (Tapas).

Born in mid-sixties in the God’s own land Kerala, Guruji is an inborn ascetic and an authority in meditation and Martial arts. He says that martial-art has its full expression only in meditation and spirituality. Deep study of various kinds of martial arts laid the foundation of his spiritual endeavours. After learning all kinds of Martial Arts and attaining great heights in that field,he inclined towards researching the spiritual aspects and implications of the art which could be utilized for the betterment of the entire humanity, especially the poor, deprived and downtrodden.

Early Life

Since his early childhood, he was often observed meditating in the solitude and qualities like empathy and compassion were deeply ingrained in him. A studious boy in school later influenced by communism almost became an atheist in his early youth. However he remained a natural meditator all throughout.

He started pursuing martial arts from his early youth and travelled the length and breadth of the country acquiring skills in various schools of martial arts. During this pursuit he met an Avdhoot at Bangalore whom he observed levitating. The Avdhoot initiated him and under him he did his rigorous Saadhna and attained  enlightenment.
His 32 years of tapas has fruited in the form of Bodhi MruthasanjeevaniKriya which he says is a course of action for total life, transcending education of mind and intellect and covering the inner soul.

 Bodhi Mruthsanjeevni Kriya

Its a unique programme for the welfare and upliftment of mankind, it enables the practitioners to live in a healthy, peaceful and propitious state. Beginning as a Healthcare programme, for the body, mind and Atma, it leads us from evil to virtue, from virtue to holy and from holy to divine spirit. Its practice Guruji says, is a  way of complete and healthy life. Bodhi Mruthasanjee Kriya is a declaration of freedom from tension, anxiety and obesity. The practitioner attains the purity of a child and enter into a  new refined life (Punarjanma) with better health and increased longevity.

Bodhi Mruthsanjeevni Kriya for Students

The brain produces five main kinds of brain waves which are shown by EEG readings: The Gamma (40-100 cycles per second), Beta (13-40 cps), Alpha (8-12 cps), Theta (4-8 cps) & Delta (0.5-4 cps).

Studies have shown that learning in Alpha state enhances the performance of students.Frequent gaps of 2 to 3 minutes after every 30 minutes of study relaxes their minds and the Alpha state will prove its efficiency with great ease and fun. But learning is more than just absorbing information, so changing the state of mind to operate Beta, Alpha and Theta is most likely to produce the best learning, cognition and creativity, while also staying in a relaxed state.

“Bodhi Mruthasanjeevani Pranayamas” help in tuning the state of mind to Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta waves (four main brain waves). The Alpha state is especially useful in the case of students which enhances their concentration capabilities. Breathing techniques improve their physical strength and overall performance.

 Miraculous healing of sugar?/diabetes, cholesterol, blood-pressure, obesity, migraine, and spondylitis has been observed after the practice of this kriya which functions through the central nervous system of human body.It comprises of meditative practices, mystic knowledge, mantra and tantra privy only to rishis.
Bodhi Shivshakti Moving Meditation
For the first time in the world, Guruji presents the unique Bodhi Shivshakthi Moving Meditation (created and developed by Sadguru Bodhipaada Hemantha Shankara), through serene meditations stretching even to the extent of 24 hours, which tunes the brainwaves of its practitioners to take  them to the heights of spiritual bliss.


It stands for Social Awareness Movement for Healthier life, Agility and Right Action. To fight against increasing atrocities, sexual assaults and harassments against women and children, Guruji has developed easy self defence techniques to increase their strength, self-confidence and self-protection power. Through SAMHARA, Guruji wishes to teach these techniques free of cost in all the schools throughout the length and breadth of the country and mould the young generation to grow into ‘Uttam’ citizens upholding the torch of true bharat culture.  

Guruji wishes the entire humanity to be enlightened through Bodhi Mruthasanjeevani Kriya, Bodhi Shivshakti Moving Meditation and SAMHARA. To achieve this goal, he calls for all to join hands with him in this great mission.

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