If mosquitoes were voters
| 13 Apr 2017
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If mosquitoes were voters

VS Satokar
Come this part of the year and racquets become popular. Family members take turns to wield and practice with the ferocity of Federer. Rest of the family members become cheer leaders as the racquet wielding fighter swings the tool. The only difference is that it is not the tennis ball that the racqueteer (you will not find this word in the dictionary) is aiming- it is the mosquito in the homes that everyone aims at. They whizz past, some are caught, some escape. The fight goes on till people are tired and decide to retire for the day and get ready to face the armies of the winged creatures that descend from nowhere as if in shifts and refuse to budge.
There is a distinct Chinese connection here- most of the racquets are made in China- the shopkeepers announce this unabashedly giving absolutely no guarantee as to how many mosquitos the racquet would kill. And the fact is the racquets don’t last more than a season, in many a case, not even a season. WhatsApp warriors who routinely unleash wars on anything Chinese turn a blind eye as they go for the mosquito annihilating machines without pondering if there is any connection between the rise in the mosquito population and simultaneous flooding of the market by the Chinese racquets.
Old weaponry in the armory like the good old ‘kachhua chhap’ agarbatti coils, the innovated and much advertised liquid mosquito repellants and equally good old odomos cream’ also are in demand, not to talk of ‘Hit’ and other brands of spray cans. Talk about mosquitoes during your morning walk or in the Mother Dairy queue and you are likely to get educated on how to burn neem leaves or use neem oil to fight the menace of mosquitoes. Some housing societies engage in fogging operations that children love as they play hide and seek in the smoke. One wonders though as to how effective the fogging is as the mosquitoes show no sign of relenting.
As the capital prepares for civic polls this month end, does any of those contesting have mosquitoes in their manifestos? ‘Mayurasan’ posed this question to a fellow morning walker and he asked a counter question: If mosquitoes were voters, whom would they vote for? It wouldn’t really make a difference for them…it is too small an issue to be talked about!

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