| 24 Mar 2017
| Monalisa Gogoi

? As a Forest Minister of the state , from the very first day you have to face challenge .Why you have chosen this ministry to serve because we know that you have informed CM that you want to serve in the forest department ?
*I knew that it would be a big challenge for me but I was ready to accept it .Because I love animals and forest .So ,I am determined to protect them .From the day one I have been trying to face each and every kind of challenge .I am trying my level best . Lets see .In last 15 years ,the forest officials remained inactive .In last eight months I have been trying to make them active .So, far I use to get co-operation from the officials .But they are also human being like us .Sometimes they are criticized because they are unable to attend the place in time .But I feel that we have some limitations ,lack of proper infrastructure is our major problem. I hope for the best .
? A few days back , a rhino horn with fresh blood was recovered from a car which met an accident at Mongoldoi area and four passengers out five were dead .But the forest officials told that there was no any information of rhino poaching in any of the forest .Do not you think that it is a negligence of your officials ?
*As soon as I got the information ,I ordered every departmental officials to enquiry about any kind poaching at their respective areas. Moreover ,I myself visited Kaziranga and I hope we will be able to get the report soon .Yes ,I never deny that there must have some kind of negligence from some of the officials .But now ,I hope ,they are becoming active .
? BBC had made a documentary on Kaziranga ,and it has revealed many ‘secrets ‘ which had created a negative impact all over the world .Later it is banned but what do you want to say about the documentary ? But the scenes which are included at the documentary are shoot at the inner part of Kaziranga ,it proves that he entered there ,talked to the people …
*Yes ,he entered at night but we do not allow anyone to enter at night with camera to shoot .So ,there is an enquiry going on .But it is sure and certain that their motive was not good .They came to shoot with a motive to degrade the prestige of Kaziranga before the whole world .I do not think that there will be an impact on people who want to travel Assam only to enjoy the beauty of Kaziranga .People who are willing they do not care for those types of things .
? What according to you are the main reasons behind the poaching ?
*Lack of man power ,lack of proper equipments ,lack of proper infrastructure -these three are the major reasons because of which it is somehow becoming difficult to control poaching .
?Do you think the involvement of extremist in poaching is also an another major cause because their arms and equipments are more modern than the departmental arms ?
*Yes ,Kaziranga is situated at a place which is surrounded by hill and low lying areas and rivers .The extremist can easily enter through the hilly area and after poaching they use to move out through hilly way .The poachers always keep themselves ready at the time of flood and also at the time of festival .Because they know that people remain busy and they can easily enter to the park. And moreover ,they use modern arms and equipments which are far better than our departmental one .They use latest technology ,sometime our people compel to face them with age old gun .In last 15 years ,these kinds of problems were totally ignored .So, my burden becomes heavy .
? Do u believe that some of the officials also involve in poaching ?
*It is difficult to say but some officials might have maintained relation with the poacher ,but now most of the officials are working sincerely .But I must say that some of the villagers have maintained a close relation with the poacher .They use to provide food and shelter to the poachers and inform about the movements of the rhino. This becomes a huge problem ,now we are trying to create awareness among the local people .
?At the time of flood ,animals of Kaziranga use to go here and there in search of shelter .Each and every year ,the animals loses their lives .Now ,the flood season is about to begin .What is your plan to protect the animals ?
*Our department has constructing high land .I hope this time such problem will decrease .Because area which are made are three star area .
? You told me that you were facing the trouble of man power .Do not you think of new recruitment ?
*Yes, we are planning to recruit some third grade employee but Assam government has not finalized whether the candidate should appear for viva or not .I hope to fill up the vacancies by the end of April.
?Man –animal conflict are increasing day by day .Everyday ,at least one person loses his or her life because of the conflict .What is your comment on this ?
*The main reason is that ,people use their habitat .People use to encroach the forest area, as a result the area for the movement for the animals are decreasing day by day .An elephant eats more than hundred kg at one time .So, those animals move here and there in search of food .Elephant is a peace loving animal .But when people use fire cracker ,make huge noises to threaten elephant ,they become angry and start to attack . So ,we are trying to create awareness among people about the behavior of animals ,mainly of the elephant .Now it seems such incident are decreasing in number than before.
? There are some information that some political leaders also involve in the encroachment of forest land .Recently ,a news of encroachment came to light by a BJP leader in the Guwahati city also . It is easy to take action against common people but how will you take action against those leaders ?
*Yes, sometimes I also get some information ,but now a days most of the people join BJP ,so it is easy to say that the encroachers are BJP leaders .It is not like that .Particularly ,CM has taken this initiative by himself and appealed that no forest area should be encroached .
? Ramdev’s Patanjali has started the largest production factory in Tezpur .An elephant had lost its life there by falling down at the digging area .You told that time that your department was not aware that patanjali had started such a big project there .Is it because of lack of co-ordination among the departments because of which this unfortunate incident took place ?
*No, I can not say its because of lack of co-ordination .But there was an elephant corridor near by .That particular area is not a forest land .It was the fault of Patanjali management .If they covered the area before the construction work ,such things would not occurred .
? At last what will you appeal to the people of Assam?
*Plant tree ,remain away from encroachment in the forest land ,do not inspire poaching and please cooperate with our people .Then only we will be able to create a green Assam and will be succeed to protect the rhino which is our pride .

*The main reason is that ,people use their habitat .People use to encroach the forest area, as a result the area for the movement for the animals are decreasing day by day

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