| 20 Mar 2017
| Monalisa Gogoi


The runner up of famous reality show Indian Idol, Nahid Afrin has recently faced a ‘fatwa ‘of 46 Islamic organizations and individuals to keep away from performing stage show .Citing Sharia laws ,these signatories have mentioned it clearly that magic ,dance ,drama ,theatre are against sharia laws .Musical shows are also against sharia . So, she should refrain from such type of activities .’Actually it was not a fatwa ,it was an appeal to the local people not to participate in the musical night as the place was situated near mosque, madrassa and graveyard .According to our religion ,these types of entertainment shows are strictly prohibited near religious institution and grave yard. It is not a ‘fatwa’ ,just an appeal, but a group of media used to color it and tried to send a wrong message to the other parts of the country .The issue is trivial but it was forcefully made big only to divert the burning problem which is related to Silapather ,where the office of AASU was attacked by the people of NIBBAUS’-says the MLA of AIUDF ,Aminul Islam .
Meanwhile ,the MLA,Aminul Islam also criticizes the role of CM ,Sarbananda Sonowal, in the issue related to Nahid .According to him ‘CM has ordered to provide her security ,and accordingly she is now surrounded by PSO .But did her name was mention in the appeal ?It was an appeal to the local people of that particular area .It was not a threatening or ‘fatwa’ as it was repeatedly claimed as ‘fatwa’ by so called media .If it would not have been Nahid as guest artist of the program ,whoever he or she might be ,he or she also might be related to the appeal . Then I hope ,the word ‘fatwa’ would not have been used .But most unfortunate thing is that it is Nahid and she belongs to Muslim community .So ,it is becoming an’ issue’ and it is presented forcefully as an ‘issue’ which is really unfortunate .Udali people whose name are in the signatory list are presented as ‘Taliban’ before the whole world .
It is important to mention here that Nahid Afrin was supposed to attend a musical show at Udali area of Hojai district in 25th of this month .Addressing to the organizing committee through a pamphlet ,they mention that these type of program will mislead the younger generation and it is a sin to attend such type of musical show . These pamphlets were also distributed among the people of the whole district .
The most important thing is ,that particular area is Muslim dominated and mosque ,madrassa and graveyard are there in that place .The venue which is used for the musical show has been never permitted to use for such purposes by some people of the area .
The General Secretary of Assam State Jamiat Ulema and one is among the signatories Maulana A.Qasimi says ‘It was just an appeal to the people ,we have no other intention more than that .Few months before a magic show was organized at that particular place and lots of untoward incident occurred there .And as there is mosque beside the area ,we have to go for prayer ( namaj ) there ,so we appeal that either the show should be shifted or to be remain unattended .And there is no record to declare ‘fatwa’ in our state .But as it is mentioned in the Quran that Muslims should not involve in music ,dance ,theatre ,magic ,accordingly we have just mentioned it in the appeal. We can not force anyone to keep away but as a religious person we can advice .But we feel that some media have been used to create sensation by some forces and also to get TRP ,they mislead the whole nation .ND tv had done this report but later they have regretted .We want that people of the world should know the real fact .It should not be misinterpreted ,only to divert some burning issues of the state .’
Reacting to this’ fatwa ‘ Nahid says ‘At first I felt quite nervous .I felt for a moment that I would have to give up singing .But now I feel that most of the people support me and they have inspired me a lot .So ,I will go and participate there .My capacity of singing is a gift of God ,if I don’t utilize it ,God will never mercy me .’
Meanwhile ,the CM ,Sarbananda Sonowal says ‘She has a talent ,we should help her to grow .We will provide security if it needs .But this type of threatening will not be tolerated .’

There is a huge protest in the state against the’ fatwa’. People from every caste ,creed and community has strongly opposed this ‘fatwa ‘.According to lyricist J.P.Das ‘Music has no religion and language .Assam is a land of Sankar –Ajan ,so we should not differentiate music in the name of religion .’Even Taslima Nasreen and some people from film fraternity react to this in a harsh way which was a trivial issue according to the organizer as well as for the protestor who were the signatories of the appeal.

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