Madonna wins Vogue copyright case By Mark Savage
| 04 Jun 2016

Madonna's Vogue did not break copyright law, even though it contained a snippet of another artist's song, a US court has ruled.
The case revolved around a horn "hit", which was allegedly lifted from the Salsoul Orchestra track Love Break.
But the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said the sample lasted less than a second, and would not have been recognisable to the general public
"Without careful attention, the horn hits are easy to miss," it said.
Producer Shep Pettibone worked on both Vogue and Love Break. The one-note horn sequence in contention lasted just 0.23 seconds, the court heard.
You can hear the original at 4'40" in this clip, and at 1'02" in Madonna's track.
"After listening to the recordings," wrote judge Susan P Graber, "we conclude that a reasonable jury could not conclude that an average audience would recognise the appropriation of the composition".

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