“To my daughters with love”
| 02 Jan 2017
| Onkareshwar Pandey, Editor In Chief, NOP

Dr. D. Bhalla’s Book, “To my daughters with love”

A Review by Suman Arora

The book “To my daughters with love” is a fresh and sensitive portrayal by a father who has many children, though, not of “flesh and blood”, yet, of “mind, soul, and spirit”. Dr. Bhalla has depicted profound emotions in a subtle and beautiful manner. He has given some practical tips to ‘his daughters’ to become strong and mentally equipped to face the world with their heads held high. This book provides some significant tips about life which would guide all the daughters of society to successfully wade through troubled waters and stay afloat in today’s tough world.

The chapter he has written on the suffering of his ailing father shows a strong bonding between father and son. As a dutiful son, he translates all his love and affection for his father in looking after him so well. He has penned down his deep concern about his health. Also, by writing about the loving relationships that he enjoys with family and friends, he shows the very human and affectionately vulnerable side of a very efficient bureaucrat.

His self-discipline gets reflected in his advice of following a correct and healthy diet coupled with exercise as the key to enjoying inner happiness. Dr. Bhalla concludes this oh-so-beautifully, “Yoga is all about being natural in all our daily habits and live happily”. We must learn this philosophy of living in order to lead a stress-free life.

In yet another chapter, Dr. Bhalla professes the significance of nature cure, fasting, naturopathy, praanik, mental and spiritual healing. He believes that life can only be lived fully with our traditional leanings. The modern day mad rush through life causes a lot of stress. According to him, the life is “nothing but a series of breaths” and the essence of breathing lies in understanding how to take correct breaths.

His tried and tested recipes of some mouth-watering dishes, including vegetable-based and healthy ghia barfi, pumpkin burfi, besan burfi, chana dal burfi, bajra ladoo, etc. inspire us to try our hand at cooking. I’m surely inspired to cook a few things at the earliest! All seem good to give out amazingly yum results :-)

The book, “To my daughters with love” is an autobiographical unplugging of Dr. Bhalla’s varied tender emotions. A must-read and a must-have book for all parents and children, especially daughters. A big Thank You for this book from all the known and unknown daughters of the society, Dr. Bhalla, including Yours Truly!

By Suman Arora
Author of two books, Soul‘tweets’ & One Step Higher…These books are based on positive thinking, and provide an understanding of human behaviour in day to day life.

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