Sanjana's big initiative - GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ in June, 2017, Dubai
| 30 Dec 2016
| NOP Bureau National

After the grand success of ‘World Business Conclave 2016’
Sanjana's big initiative - GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ
in June, 2017, Dubai

Omkareshwar Pandey
New Observer Post

New Delhi, Dec. 30, 2016
The ‘World Business Conclave 2016’ in Hong Kong was a mega event of the passing year 2016. Organised by Stimulus Research Services the Conclave brought together the biggest and the most influential corporate leaders and intelligentsia from the Asia Pacific region, together under one roof. The ‘World Business Conclave 2016’ was highlighted by the GLOBE Platinum Awards given out to 101 brands and leaders from this region. The Conclave was an opportunity to create unique and innovative business solutions and ideas that would help further Indian trade and showcase India to the international biz world.

And after the grand success of ‘World Business Conclave 2016’ in Hong Kong, Stimulus Research Services, founded and led by Sanjana Mohan, a young and very dynamic lady, is now gearing up to take a big step towards a unique initiative – the GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ in Dubai in June, 2017.

"We will create an experience that will define the timeline of luxury events in Dubai. The GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ, a never-seen-before initiative, will be a unique platform showcasing the biggest luxury brands, a never-witnessed-before auction featuring 20 premium brands, an awards ceremony honouring 101 international luxury brands, a business conclave and an extravagant expo featuring more than 150 international luxury conglomerates, witnessed by more than 600 corporates over a period of two days, all under one roof!" - Says Sanjana Mohan, also Editor in Chief of "world of Business" - a real world class magazine which has made its presence felt in the business world while talking to New Observer Post in Delhi.

"The event "GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ" in June in Dubai, will be Stimulus’ endeavor to showcase Indian luxury to the world – bringing about what defines India – the grandiose, the extravagant, and the magnificent, with an Indian trademark! Through this event, we intend to drive business and cash inflow for the Indian economy. It will be a unique opportunity for Indian brands to position themselves in the international luxury brand space, giving them exclusive opportunities and exposure." - Says Sanjana Mohan, Managing Director of Stimulus Research Services.

"The GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ will be a luxurious experience, not just for the participants, but for also those who’ll be a witness. The event will be bringing together the rich and the famous, the ambitious and the achievers – anyone and everyone who would want to be associated with opulence and grandeur." Sanjana said.

About the Company: Stimulus Research Services rides high on the international business firmament as one of the best-in-class business research services providers. Stimulus strives to reorganise the world business sector by creating a viable global platform that recognises and rewards industries and brands performing well in their respective domains through scientific research methodologies and conceptual consultancy. Stimulus aims to incubate conditions where businesses can grow beyond national borders towards universal acceptance through networking and become iconic brands.

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