'Modi will remain PM till 2024, BJP will win UP, UKD & Punjab Assembly elections'. No threat to Modi's Life
| 27 Dec 2016
| Onkareshwar Pandey, Editor In Chief, NOP

'Modi will remain PM till 2024, BJP will win UP, UKD & Punjab Assembly elections'. No threat to Modi's Life

BJP is going to win upcoming Assembly Elections in Punjab, UP and Uttaranchal. Narendra Modi will remain India's Prime Minister for 10 years i.e. till 2024. He has capabilities of changing India’s age old bent of mind of people. He will connect people more to patriotism, corruption free, work for India’s progress. Since he is running 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn and the coming period is that of main period of Mars. There could be attempts of attack on his life, but he does not have a horoscope who can be assassinated." - Says famous astrologer Ashok Vasudeva, who predicted much before US Presidential election's result in May 2016 that Trump will be America's next President.

Born and brought up in an illustrious family of astrologers preaching this science and art of life for the last seven generations, Ashok Vasudeva hails from the Una district of Himachal Pradesh, the land of Gods. He is a consulting astrologer to many industrial houses related to automobile, watches, consumer products, garments, real estate, finance etc. Corporate astrology, which he professes to these industrial tycoons, is an absolutely innovative concept in astrology with amazing success. He firmly believes in astrology as a guiding science not as a predictive science. He is a regular student of spiritualism under the guidance of monks of Ram Krishna Paramhans Mission order. He is a Dikshit (enlightened and initiated) disciple of Maa Kali under their revered guidance. He is well versed in various occult sciences and meditation. As a devoted student of yoga, he propagates Patanjali Yoga as the soul of Indian culture.

Here is an excerpts of his Interview with Omkareshwar Pandey of New Observer Post.

• You were the One and perhaps First Astrologer who predicted that Trump will win US Presidential elections? What was the basis of your predictions?
-The bases of predictions are always Vedic calculations of birth planets, Dasha (Period running), the position and movement of planets at the time of making predictions. More important is the horoscope of adversaries. I have no other source than my Facebook to upload my views about the horoscopes of Trump and Hillary. I predicted in May 2016 on the basis of horoscopes of Trump, Hillary and the planets in the present their positioning in the Zodiac.
Here is the copy of my Facebook of 13th May 2016:
“My astrologer friends research horoscopes of two contenders of USA presidential candidates. Can you predict who can be winner as per our Vedic Astrology principals? My bet goes for Donald Trump.”
• What will be future of President Trump? And what will be the future of America under Trumps leadership?
- Like Modi ji, Trump is also Scorpio by Moon sign. Scorpions are very secretive, aggressive and risk taking capabilities can surprise anyone in the world. If you the style of working, taking decisions, going unorthodox, capabilities of taking risk in life is tremendous and similar to Modi ji. They have the power to change traditions and make new allies, change age old traditions etc. In the present scenario and coming 25 years for the world, there is going to tremendous change in the allies of the world. I see a good friend of India and will work on many new ventures and make a different kind of alignment which will make India also a sort of power in Asia and World.
• Have you done any major similar predictions which have proved true in the past? Plz. give the details with supporting evidences.
- No evidences can be given as it was on electronic media. Change of Government in 2004 though there was Feel Good Factor for BJP was going. I predicted in 2009 and 2014 also that Advaniji will never become PM of India. 2014 on 16th April again on electronic media – change in Government and a Saint will lead India and take some drastic measures against corruption. My all media friends remember that I predicted a long time back say 2005 that Indian share market will touch 30000 in ten years time. India going to the one of the super powers in 2020. Indian brain drain will come back as more opportunities for job and business will be there.
This looked utopian at that time but now it looks reality.
• Please tell us something about your journey of Astrological world?
- I started professionally as an Astrologer in 2000 after my voluntary retirement from Government service.
• Tell us about your family background, your education and Professional career in the past and present.
- I belong to a Brahmin family of Una district of Himachal Pradesh which traditionally was an Astrologer family which I know from the last seven generations. But all were earning money from different professions but I am the first who started taking Dakshina as guided to me by one of my spiritual Guru.
I joined Government Service in 1977 after passing out my B.Com(Hons) from Delhi University and later did my M.Com from Himachal Pradesh. Since 2005 I am publishing a Magazine named Ästromatics” to give my views on Vedas and Vedic education.
• How you learnt Astrology and from whom? Any formal Degree?
- As I belong to a Brahmin Traditional Astrologer Family so this was our way of life to believe and profess Astrology. I passed in 1993 JyotishAlankar and JyotishAcharya degree from BharatiyaVidyaBhawan also.
• Why Astrologers differ in predictions even when they study from One School of thoughts and One Book?
- The difference in predictions is due to their own interpretation of Planets and properly understanding the nature of planets. The world wide knowledge of every subject is also needed for good predictions. If Astrologer is bias then it becomes lot of difference. One has to understand the time running which is called KAAL KHAND. One has to look at DESH, KAAL AND PAATRA. You can not generalize as per books. These are basics.
• Astrological predictions have become very common as it is now available on Computer software and Internet. What is the reliability of Computer generated Kundalis and their predictions?
- It is easy to calculate the movement of planets through softwares as they have fed only the PANCHANGAS and calculations of planets which is very good for us. Predictions cannot be done through Softwares. It is not only 12 Zodiac Sun signs like European Astrology that you make personality analysis.
Very important is that Astrology is not a predictive Science it is a guiding science. Karma of human being is more important. As Krishna guided Arjun in the battlefield of kurukshetra what to do, how to do and when to do. Depends upon person whether he takes appropriate action at appropriate time or not. It is a general principal of Astrology that 25% is prarbhd (past birth karmas) which you cannot change – where you will take birth, what will be your colour, mind and body, where the person will die. 75% is your free will means Karma but Astrology guides as per the powers in the sub-conscious which 25% of Prarbhdh decides.
• You have been close to many Indian Political Leaders due to your accurate predictions? Tell us something about your political predictions in the past.
- I have explained in previous paragraphs. All political leaders do not come to Astrologers from front door they call them from their back door but all believe.
• How do you see PM Narendra Modi's future?
- Some I have explained. He is PM of India for 10 years starting from 2014. He has capabilities of changing India’s age old bent of mind of people. He will connect people more to patriotism, corruption free, work for India’s progress. This will be major achievement of Modi ji.
• Will BJP win upcoming Punjab, UP and Uttaranchal Assembly Elections?
- I am 101% sure.
• What will be future of SP / BSP and Congress in these states?
- Regional parties have little future after 2019 general elections. Yes Congress will gain after 2019 and will become second force as major political party.
• How do you see the AAP Govt's future in Delhi and party's possibilities in Punjab elections?
- No Future At All.
• How do you see Congress Party's future now?
- Now Congress is running bad period up to 2024 but will start improving from 2017.
• How do you see Sonia Gandhi's political future and the Health?
- Very bad. She should take proper medical attention in the coming 2 ½ years.
• Will Priyanka Gandhi join active politics before UP Elections? If yes, what will be the impact?
- I do not see Priyanka’s future in politics.
• What if Rahul Gandhi becomes Party President?
- Yes he should take over the Party President now. I can see after 2018 he will handle the party of his own.
• Will LK Advani become President after the completion of Pranab Mukharjee as President?
- NO
• Who will be the Next PM in India after Modi?
Cannot say because it is 2024 you are talking.
• Is there any danger to Modi's life after demonetization as he also has feared?
- Yes there can be as he is running 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn and the coming period is that of main period of mars. There could be attempts of attack on his life, but he does not have a horoscope who can be assassinated.

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