Modi has the capability to make India truly ‘Saare Jahan Se Acchha’
| 10 Dec 2016
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Modi has the capability to make India truly ‘Saare Jahan Se Acchha’

Special Interview with Ishaan Arora, India’s youngest Writer

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the capability to and will make India truly ‘Saare Jahan Se Acchha’ - says Ishaan Arora, India's youngest author and the world's youngest series book writer. He is a student of class VII, Lotus Valley International School, Noida, UP. Ishaan Arora is a writer, singer, sketch artist, and a scholar badge holder in school. Writing is in his genes. He is the only child of writer parents: Rajiv Arora, a successful businessman and a writer by passion and Suman Arora, a Director in Lok Sabha Secretariat who has two published books to her credit in personal capacity. Ishaan has pledged to donate 100% royalty earned from his books towards betterment of the underprivileged children. Here is an excerpt of Ishaan Arora's Interview with Onkareshwar Pandey of New Observer Post.

 You did a complete sketch book on PM Mr. Modi. What inspired you to do that? What was the Honourable PM’s response when you sent it to him?

I, as every artistic fan, got inspired not just to draw a single sketch, but to do a complete sketchbook on Shri Narendra Modi, because he is my role model, as of hundreds of millions of people. I was fascinated by the well-known fact that he was a tea-seller in his childhood, and when a small journey of success is brilliant, this one should be called phenomenal.
The Honourable PM was happy on seeing it, and he sent me a letter in appreciation and best wishes for my future. I was elated to get acknowledged by my role model and India’s great leader.

 You were selected as the Chief Editor of your school magazine on writing the best on-the-spot-essay on the topic, “With Mr. Modi as the Prime Minister of India, where do you see India 10 years from now?”. What was the crux of this essay?

The essay revolved around the most successful Prime Minister of India till date- one who has also struggled the most. With a great visionary like him leading the nation, our Tricolour shall rise above all other flags in the coming years.
I wrote of myself as an individual citizen, but from the year 2023. In it, I wake up in the morning and open my window to see greenery, flora and fauna in such abundance- as if it was touching my iris. When, later in the essay, I open the newspaper, all the headlines show Shri Narendra Modi in a positive light, doing all he can for the welfare of the nation. When I flip to another page of the newspaper, I see that the Rupee’s value is sixty times greater than that of the U.S. Dollar. Finally, as the essay nears its finish line, I introduce myself as a person who used to be crushed by poverty, but then was benefited by the Jan Dhan Scheme and was able to establish a small business, soon to turn into an international empire- all which point towards the fact that Mr. Modi is the best thing that could ever happen to our nation.

 What do you know about demonetization? What is your view on this move?

The demonetization of currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 is a commendable way of curbing black money, as most of it was present in this form.

As our currency plates and presses were being made by a German manufacturer, the same one which also manufactures the Pakistani Rupee plates, Pakistan saw this as the perfect opportunity to exploit our earnings.

Pakistan conspired with the manufacturer, and used those presses to print fake currency, and as it was printed with the original press, it was impossible to tell apart from the original currency.

That money was being used to fund terror groups in Kashmir. Now, as the Masterstroke of demonetization has been struck, Kashmir is heaven once again, and people are being benefited because of the fall of prices. Also, because the new presses have been manufactured in India itself, there is no chance at all for black money to sediment once again, which has also given a gargantuan boost to the Make In India Programme.

Apart from the fake money, the unaccounted money has also been checked.
In my view, this is a historic checkmate to black money hoarding, terrorists, and especially, Pakistan. Well done, Honourable Prime Minister. Narendra Modi- the true Indian patriot stands with you always!

 What do you like the most in Modi? And what you dislike in him?

I like his constructive ideas and the way he implements them towards the benefit of our nation. I feel he is the best thing that could ever happen to us, and he has the capability to and will make India truly ‘Saare Jahan Se Acchha’.

I especially admire the fact that he has struggled a lot in life to become the Prime Minister of India, which he deserves more than anybody else. He has also proved this. It is truly awe-inspiring to know that he was a tea-seller in his childhood- one can imagine how many hurdles he must have crossed during his journey towards the seat of the Prime Minister. I think that is the reason he is so wise- because he has seen the world better than half of it combinedJ.

I like his determination to make India number one, and I am proud of our Prime Minister. He is my role model.

 How do you see other Political Leaders like Rahul Gandhi / Arvind Kejriwal and others?

My only idol is the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi, who has already proved his earth-shaking capabilities by sitting on India’s highest pedestal, and even more, dedicating his power to the nation. When Narendra Modi stands as my role model, why shall I bother about the ‘others’?

 You became India’s Youngest Writer at the age of 7 and also the World’s Youngest Book Series Author at the age of 11 - How did you start writing? What inspired you?

I started writing back when I was 6. It was once in the class during a casual creative writing session, and my piece got selected as the best! It was a revelation. I went home and told about this to my parents- and they have encouraged and supported me the most till this day and forever. J

 Ishaan, you were felicitated by the Hon. President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, when you published your first novel, The Mysterious Swordsman, at the tender age of 10. What is the storyline of The Mysterious Swordsman?

The Mysterious Swordsman is the tale of an inexperienced warrior named George Livingstone, and how he liberates the underwater realm of Atlantis from the clutches of a cruel Spanish dictator, Magnus, after a dream in King Arthur’s Royal Chamber intrigues him. Set mainly in Camelot, the idea of its plot came from the classical European Celtic Myths, which speak of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, a part of whom George is too- in my story. A mysterious shadowy figure, after whom I named my book, follows George everywhere till the end, giving him the fear of recurring hallucinations. In the middle of the book, George, when victory seems grave and distant, meets his descendant from the modern era, Luke Livingstone, who turns out to be the same shadow- following George for the mere reason of guiding him towards Atlantis. With his help, he finally defeats and vanquishes the Spaniards.

 What was the subject of your second published book Rahul Beats Bangladesh ?

In my second book, Rahul Beats Bangladesh Alone, two hours are left for the ICC World Cup Final Match between India and Bangladesh to begin, in which Rahul Khurana, India’s cricket maestro, narrates to his teammates the story of his life.
With the disappearance of his Mother, the murder of his Father, his abandonment on a lonely street by his stepmother, and the harsh conditions under which it is his sole responsibility to bring up his little brother, Rahul’s life is full of traumas. But midway, he discovers that he is actually the son of Lord Buddha, The Awakened One.

With the sudden turn of events, will Rahul be able to conquer hardships to stand face-to-face with his lifelong desire? Well, you can only read to find out.

 How do you choose a subject for writing?
I refer to my way of writing as ‘The Principle’, in which twisting the tale and penning it down is all I do, for the idea and inspiration are provided by nature, coincidence and Almighty. For example, I got the idea of my second book by just watching the news, and of many more by just looking at the clouds and stars. I consider ideas to be free and floating around aimlessly in the atmosphere- one has to be imaginative and innovative to catch hold of them. Once caught, four or five hundred of such ideas are woven into a story- which does not include the strands of thought connecting each one- for an idea can be as small as a mere word or syllable. And after so much hard work, I say “Eureka!” a story is born.

 You write poems and articles too. How and when did you write your first poem?

My first poem was the first thing I ever wrote. And, as a matter of fact, it wasn’t even a poem! It was back in class II, and I thought about giving it a shot, as the selections for my school magazine were going on. I worked for hours and hours on a mere hundred words and wrote 'My Dream' and it actually got printed!

I, now, do indeed love writing poems and short stories, for they are poems, and only poems, which add a touch of suspense here and there in my novels. For example, an enigma always begins with a tricky poem as a clue in hand. I have written a poem, “A Country of a Billion Jewels” for my second book, Rahul Beats Bangladesh Alone.

Articles that I write, on the other hand, often get merged into my books, as authors are generally ones who love not only to discuss or project an issue, but to dive in its depths and study every single nook and cranny of it.

Thus, whatever I write, I write with passion- but with great passion comes great responsibility!

 What kind of novels do you read the most ? And what kinds of poems? Who are your favourite writers?

I love reading novels which are totally like or unlike my own style of writing. For when I read one which is similar, I develop my style further. If I read one which is not, I have something new up my sleeve! On a larger basis, my favourite books are those that have enough suspense to keep the reader hooked on right till the last letter- and still ask for more!

As for the authors, I like Paulo Coelho the most- his style of writing is phenomenally poetic- which makes the reader feel as if they have been transported directly into that world, right alongside the protagonist!

§ You met Ruskin Bond, Sachin Tendulkar, Vikas Swarup and some others too. What did you like in them?
With so much an amount of hardwork and sweat, these people have reached the zenith of their respective fields. How it is that I would not be inspired by them?
As Thomas Alva Edison, the one who illuminated the globe, rightly said, “A genius is one per cent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration”, we admire them- not only for their talent, but for the struggles they have experienced, and for the hurdles they have crossed just to become the sole apple of our eyes.

For this very reason, I was fascinated by these geniuses- two writers who united India with their pens, and a cricketer who rocked the world with his bat. And, to become a magician in one’s field is no child’s play.

 What is your goal in life?

My goal in life is to become not a writer, but a good human, for that is the reason we were poised on Mother Earth years ago. I want to make this world not just a better place, but a paradise worthy enough to be passed on to our future generations. I want to unite the world. This is my dream.

 What would you like to do for your country?

I want to educate the illiterate in our country, for it is the educated who are wise and united. Education shall translate into lifelong unity, and it is through unity only that India can become an example- one which has greenery everywhere, one which has no poverty anywhere, one where everyone is given equal opportunities, one where negativity is a thing of the long-forgotten past- for the world to follow.


A Country of a Billion Jewels

Far away from the world in the east,
Early in the morning when the world is asleep,
Shows the country the mighty Surya its face,
Where destinations are conquered; dreams are chased.

Where the Golden Bird flies at the horizon,
Where the grand Tiranga soars in hearts to enlighten,
The golden prosperity above all shines,
Devoted and hardworking here are young minds.

Where the mighty Ganga crafts its path out of stone,
Where echoes in the forests, the cuckoo’s tone,
Then, my friends, this grand country awakes,
A country so perfect that took thousands and thousands of years to shape.

Where the mighty Bengal Tiger resides in paradise,
Where devoted soldiers even flow blood on ice,
Then, my friends, a mashal that didn’t extinguish; even in storms,
Competes and rises, above all norms.
Where thousands of languages, millions of cultures,
Live together in harmony; never has the bond been ruptured.
Where the mighty mountains meet the high sky,
Never has a country been able to, with us, tie.

Where such loyal and devoted fighters were born,
Such sacred land God gave us, a blessing that cannot be returned,
Where Jana Gana Mana sounds above the
Rise hopes and dreams for the very best.

Where Buddha was born; What Krishna loved,
Where Ashoka ruled over hearts;
Where Rama fought and returned with his beloved,
Still shines my Motherland above all others,
And will always be; as dreamed our forefathers.

This is the nation, where our only desire,
Is to see and make, the Golden Bird fly even higher.
For that is why we were poised upon this sacred land yesterday,
To make India grow; in hopes, dreams, possibility and prosperity, every day.

Jai Hind.

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