Trimurti - Three famous ,Emerging Artists of India, Art Exhibition
| 26 Sep 2016
| NOP Bureau

NOP Bureau: New Delhi: Recently in the capital award winning curator Vikram Sethi in association with ITC Sheraton Hotel, Saket organised a group show of three artists to promote and nurture emerging, contemporary artists, namely: Ms. Jagrati Singh from Pune, Ms. Sakshi Talwar from Delhi and Ms. Surbhi Soni from Jaipur. Works will be on display at the hotel till 30th September.

In the words of artist Jagrati Singh "Painting is my passion. I started drawing in my childhood. Back then it was just a hobby. The creative side started tickling me and I kept practicing it constantly. Eventually this hobby became an essential part of my life. As I grew up, I had become busy with regular academics, but I never neglected my artistic skills. I used to sharpen my painting skills constantly. I turned my passion as my career because I realized that one can achieve better results and success in the field of their passion. Now my main focus is on oil on canvas paintings. I grew up in a large villa in the mystic land of Madhya Pradesh. Thanks to my mother, our house has always been always a riot of colors from the seasonal flowers, which I endlessly tried to paint as a little girl. Bougainvillea climbing
the wall, poppy’s and larkspur all sown together. I would rush home from our occasional trips to Khajuraho, to paint the silhouettes of the stone temples in the light of the setting sun. The images of palaces and doves perched on the domes are neatly etched in my memory."

Sakshi Talwar is a self-taught artist who has taken an affinity towards painting modern contemporary art with a pop twist since childhood. Her obsession with drawing caricatured faces with a conglomerate of expressions is depicted in her work. Use of bright vibrant colors is visible in abundance in most of her paintings since she staunchly believes that we all need that splash of vivaciousness in our lives through passionate hues.

She has extensively traveled and has studied/lived in London, Boston (MBA), New York and Los Angeles. She usually draws her inspiration from different cultures and her main medium of work is Acrylic on Canvas. She has recently developed a flair for using fine geometrical elements that serve as a stimulus in creating new subsequent art work.

Artist Surbhi Soni has been working successfully as a professional artist, designer and art tutor. She has been running an art institute and a studio since 1997 preparing candidates aspiring for Architecture and Design colleges. She has won numerous awards and her artworks have been collected by Hotels, Royalty and private collectors.

The Guest of Honour for the evening was Mr. Anshuman Tripathi - Managing Editor -New Observer Post said that he found the artworks to be vibrant and very exquisite and extended his warm wishes to all the Artists.

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