National Hindi Daily NEW OBSERVER POST (NOP) was established In 1997 and now owned and published by RURBAN MEDIA from Delhi. NOP is also being published in English since 2010.

RURBAN MEDIA (Rural+Urban):

Founded in 2014, RURBAN MEDIA is a Delhi based unique, independent, entrepreneurial and tenacious Media Company. RURBAN MEDIA is not just one another Media Company. It's a Platform, an Idea Box, and your Ticket to enter into India's hinterland, which has enormous opportunities and unlimited possibilities. We provide 360* Media Solutions under One Roof. We also have a Research, Study & Survey Agency - RURBAN VOICE.


We make it possible with our SPARKLING IDEAS, INITIATIVES and FAST IMPLEMENTATION. Rural has the Power and Rurban Media has Ideas to empower you. Rural Bharat has bigger Market than Urban India, which no one can afford to miss. And Rurban Media has strong network in various parts of Rural Bharat. We wish to create a bridge between Rural Bharat to Urban India through Information, Communication and Media. We have the Knowledge, Resources and Ideas to create your Brand Image in Rural Bharat.


"The simple meaning of Rurban is Rural and Urban put together. Rurban means a development which has the soul of the village and the facilities of the city" - said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while launching Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission on 21st of Feb 2016. India Govt. has begun the work to set up 300 'Rurban Clusters'. This year in 2016, it is proposed to set up 100 such Rurban Clusters. It would be taken in to account that the city which is going to be developed must keep alive the spirit of village inside its heart. Such a creation would be linked to the nature and spirit of India.

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